8 Hours, 33 Days
December 5-17, 1998

An exhibit of printed works by Lisa Sweet.


Chronicles of Latin America
September 4- October 17, 1998

This exhibition features the work of invited artists Casasola, Frederick Catherwood, Jose A. Chavez, Carlos Cortez, Christopher Davis-Benavides, Heather Eiden, David Giffey, Dian Kitchen, John Ruebartsch, Manuel Vincente Ruiz Family, Carlos Schmitt and John Pitman Weber.

While our views of the people. Places and culture of Latin America come from extremely diverse sources; our fascination with the artistic interpretations of the region remains a constant. The Walker’s Point Center for the Arts presents an exhibition which looks at Latin America as it is seen through the eyes of artists, artisans, photographers and filmmakers. Some historical materials will be presented along with the work of both Latino and Anglo-American artists. –post card


Annual WPCA Membership Show
July 24- August 22, 1998

The artist/members of the Walker’s point Center for the Arts will display their recent work in this group show. Examples of work in all media are encouraged and the exhibit will include work by some new members who have not previously exhibited. –press release

Linda Barlow, Jen Benka & Jennifer Geigel, Mark Biermann, Deborah Blackwell, Debra Brehmer, Jack Christell, Valerie J. Christell, Cathy Jean Clark, Christin Cleaver, Robin Deasy, Matt Fink, Michael Flanagan, Angel French, Jilandante Glynn, Eriks Johnson, Laird Knight, Jo Ann Kraus, Marie Mellott, John Ruebartsch, Betty Salamun, Pacia Sallomi, Paula Schulze, J. Shimon & J. Lindemann, Judy Thuss, Lois Van Liew Leonard, and Jerome M. Voelske.


The Image of Harley-Davidson, as designed by VSA Partners, Inc.
June 10- July 11, 1998

 The visual communications firm of VSA Partners, Inc. Chicago, has produced award winning designs promoting Harley-Davidson motorcycles and licensed products. The exhibit will feature posters, parts catalogues, annual reports, T-shirts and the new Web site. –post card


State of the Book: Artist’s Books of Wisconsin
March 10- April 10, 1998

An exhibition of handmade & letterpress printed artist’s books. This exhibition offers an expansive picture of the book in Wisconsin. Examples include conservation projects, fine press printing, quirky one-of-a-kind pieces and technically masterful works. The forms of the books in the show encompass the traditional, bound volume to freer, sculptural manifestations. Some book makers tend to relish a lighthearted spirit and that playfulness is evident in many of the works included in the show. The choices of subject matter are diverse, and examples of philosophical writing contrast with pop-up books. –curatorial statement


Sweeping and Cleaning: Order and Chaos in Domestic Life
February 27- April 4, 1998

Sweeping and Cleaning: Order and Chaos in Domestic Life will be an exhibition of local and national artists whose work draws inspiration from the everyday details of domestic life.

Artists include Lorraine Peltz of Chicago whose large-scale oil paintings present stark tableaux of everyday items; Deborah Hobbins of Madison whose intimate weavings feature articles of clothing, often inspired by fabric patterns from famous sources such as a Vermeer painting or a Jim Dine bathrobe; Camilla Pearce of Milwaukee whose mixed-media compositions are abstractions of classical quilt patterns; Laura Goldstein of Milwaukee who recontexturalizes fabric by weaving then unweaving it and processes it into text panel; and Ame Gilbert of Brooklyn, NY whose mix-media, wall installations include photographs, re-sale store paintings and ceramic objects. –press release