In the Balance
April 16 – May 29, 2010
Exhibition of mixed-media works exploring the poetics of space.

Sailing the Barbarous Coast
June 18 – July 17, 2010
An exhibition reflecting a sense of uncertainty in the midst of economic insecurity, social unrest, and global strife.  Anthony Smith’s gestural, sequential paintings are paired with Colin Matthes’ brusque site-specific installations based on obsessive drawing.  The artists question our relationships to the contemporary world, especially our participation in the activities we do not necessarily endorse.  Both artists create work that reflects America’s everyday calamities: war and consumerism, race and sex, and the current global fiscal crisis.  They draw connections between militarism, spending and economic hardship.  Their work captures the events that have global implications through the lens of their own, often tumultuous, personal experience, combining keen humor, irony and a dose of mischief.

Here, There, and Elsewhere: Refugee Families in Milwaukee
July 23 – Aug 28, 2010
In the past year, photographer John Reubartsch has been visiting and interviewing refugee families in Milwaukee with visual artist and ESL teacher Sally Kuzma.  Through his documentary photos and the words of the refugees themselves, they are creating intimate family portraits that provide a window into the daily lives of some of the newest- and least familiar- Americans.  After fleeing civil war, political persecution, and ethic strife in countries such as Burma, Somalia, and Laos, these newcomers are rebuilding their lives and cultures here as generations of immigrants did before.  Their stories are becoming our stories.

Re-seeding: New Work by Jared Janovec
July 23 – Aug 28, 2010
Jared Janovec creates sculptural narratives about the history of the human animal and its evolutionary quest to tame and isolate itself from the wild.  His ceramic pieces reference human anatomy and various botanical and organic forms.  The artist encapsulates the antagonism between culture and nature through formal contrasts and opposing referents: large and small, wet and dry, light and dark, old and new, ripeness and decay, life and death.  The curiosities and contradictions of human invention, discovery and power become fodder for his creations.

Annual Members Show
Sept 10 – Oct 16, 2010

18th Annual Dia de los Muertos Exhibition & Parade
 Oct 29 – Nov 23, 2010