Public Art Invitational

Request for Qualifications: 6th Street Bridge Public Art Project
Submission Deadline: February 25th, 2011
Final Art Installed: June 25th, 2011

Overview of the Project:

The Kinnickinnic River does not look like a river and does not function like a river.  The concrete walls were put into the river in the 1960’s to reduce flooding into homes built along the rivers edge.  Unfortunately, homes are still flooding and the concrete has become an eye-sore and safety hazard for the surrounding community.  The concrete channel cannot handle the flooding from large storms anymore.  The area around the river has become unsafe for kids playing near the concrete lines channel as well as adults.  The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District (MMSD) in conjunction with the City of Milwaukee, Sixteenth Street Community Health Center and other non-profit organizations has begun implementation the Kinnickinnic Flood Management Plan as well as the accompanying Kinnickinnic River Neighborhood Plan beginning with the reconstruction of the 6th Street Bridge.  The Sixteenth Street Community Health Center projects have been recognized locally and nationally as models of community-based initiatives that combine environmental and economic improvements tjhat result in healthier families and neoighborhoods. 

The Neighborhood Plan is a culmination of a 10-month-long process of communiy and stakeholder input, analysis, collaboration and idea gathering on ways to integrate the new KK River corridor into the community in a positive, meaningful way.  This plan is going to drastically change the way the neighborhood looks and functions for the better.  This public art projec repressents the beginning of where people can start to see changes that will beautify the neighborhood!  The project is large but the benefits will be seen and felt with future generations.  This art project is one of the ways that will show the community that people care about their neighborhood, that the health of the river and surrounfing environemt is important, and that the South Side is a vibrant, healthy place to live.  Additionall, the public art should function as a deterrent for graffiti taggers.  We want the community to declare this bridge and public space as their own eather than graffiti tagger’s.  This space is part of the neighborhoos and will represent the residents.  Engaging the community directly into this project shows that their voices can shape their civic environment.  This project will function as a way to unify the neighborhood, increase community awareness about the river and in the process show that the project can also be fun.    

For full information on this Public Art Project, email Nadia Bogue at: and ask for an informational packet to be emailed to you.

Good Luck!

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