Time Arts Continuum: New Media & Installation

May 18 – June 30, 2012

A group of regional artists from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and Iowa will be displaying work using time-based technologies.

Video art, as opposed to film, is a non-passive media.  The installations exhibited in Time Arts Continuum force the viewer to connect with each piece in a particular way, either through the physical movement required for the viewer to properly interact with the work, or through the ubiquitous reaction solicited from an installation.  It requires the viewer to engage with each video installation in order for it to live as a complete work of art.  It entices the viewer to continue to move, to act and to reflect on the content and imagery throughout the viewing of the work.

Artists include:

Sam Blanchard (MI, video installation)
Jeff Herriott (WI, video)
Lynn Lukkas (MN, video installation)
Eric Sheffield & Anna Weisling (WI, video)
Jessica Teckemeyer (IA, sound installation)
Dean Valadez (WI, video & installation)

Sam Blanchard, "...a little off the top...", cast iron, barberchair, projection, 2' x 4' x 10', 2010

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