Wednesday, February 13th, 6pm

Starting at 6pm, auditions will be held for “A Bulletproof Heart” a play by MD Wyss at Walker’s Point Center for the Arts (839 South 5th Street, Milwaukee).

Synopsis: Cafe Rouge is a popular and romantic spot where couples come to begin new relationships, celebrate anniversaries and rekindle romance. It’s famous for its cheeses and its Volcano Cake, rumored to be an aphrodisiac.

On this particular night in Cafe Rouge, there are two tables of interest. Seated at one are Steve and Catherine. Steve has invited Catherine to dinner to prime her for information about Lana, a co-worker with whom he is smitten. Steve is so obsessed with Lana that he cannot see that Catherine is madly in love with him.

Meanwhile, just a few tables away, Lane and Kent have reached a crossroads in their relationships. While he is content, she cannot see a future for them. Things come to a head when a crisis arises and Kent must choose between his calling and the woman he loves.

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