2014 Exhibitions

CoPA’s 7th Annual Midwest Juried Photo Exhibition

December 6, 2013 – January 17, 2014

WPCA is proud to host the Coalition of Photographic Arts’ (CoPA) Annual Midwest Juried Photo Exhibition, including the work of 37 photographers from Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa. This year’s juror, Karen Irvine, is the Curator and Associate Director of the Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College, Chicago. She has organized over forty exhibitions of contemporary photography at the MoCP and other institutions and written essays for numerous artist monographs and magazines. Irvine is a part-time instructor of photography at Columbia College Chicago. She received an MFA in photography from FAMU, Prague, Czech Republic, and an MA in art history from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Prizes include: 1st Place: $300, 2nd Place: $200, 3rd Place: $100, and a few Honorable Mentions.

 Featured Member Exhibition: Paul Matzner

January 17 – April 5, 2014

Matzner’s goal is to show people as they are, just being themselves, relating to each other or their environment. As one writer put it, it’s “the poetry of human encounters on the street”.  My work is the culmination of four trips to New York City from 2008- 2012, which were made in order to capture moments of people in their everyday lives.

Just hearing or seeing the words “New York City” can quickly conjure up images of iconic buildings, masses of people, seas of taxis, 9/11, the Statue of Liberty, or other memories we may have. The scenes in this exhibit are smaller moments, as people go about their lives in the subway, in the parks, and in the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan. A few photographs capture the feeling and appreciation of being alive through human interaction, quiet gestures, and simple pleasures, as part of daily routines.  Other photographs highlight the loneliness and isolation that can be a part of living in a big city.

Paul Matzner, "These 2 Guys", photography, 2010

Paul Matzner, “These 2 Guys”, photography, 2010

The two exhibitions were coordinated in conjunction with the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts’ (NCECA) 48th Annual Conference in Milwaukee, March 19 – 22, 2014.

The Price of Freedom

February 7 – March 22, 2014

James Ibur, "An impossible Situation", earthenware, 2013, 13" H x19"W x 5" D

James Ibur, “An impossible Situation”, earthenware, 2013, 13″ x 19″ x 5″

WPCA was pleased to present an exhibition of ceramic sculpture, curated by Matthew Isaacson and Stefanie Kirkland, including work by Pattie Chalmers, Jason A. HackettJames Ibur, Karl McDade, Richard Notkin, Allan Rosenbaum, Monica Vandendool, Patti Warashina, and John Zimmerman.

Today we are faced with issues of freedom, morality and humanity on the topic of gun control. This issue has swept our society with heated discussions and passionate cries for new regulations. We are more than ever at a crossroads about the role of the gun in our society.

Guns are first objects, part of our material world. However, guns lack agency without a user; it is through human interaction that they become fully functioning objects. Guns can be used for both destruction and self-defense through this human interface, whether for acts of hate or for games of sport.  We are forced to ask ourselves, where do we place guns in our society?

Exploration of Material

February 7 – March 22, 2014

Yoshinaga Kawamura, "Untitled (horizontal)", porcelain, wood, light fixtures, 2011

Yoshinaga Kawamura, “Untitled (horizontal)”, porcelain, wood, light fixtures, 2011

Yoshinaga Kawamura uses porcelain panels to create nuanced light and shadow environments. Kawamura considers the making process more valuable than the individual finished work. His understanding of materials deepens through visual and tactile ‘conversations’ during the production and postproduction process and allows him to transform materials while maintaining their unique qualities.

Structure and Flow: Everyday Life

April 25 – May 31, 2014

SnF_websiteImageMilwaukee artist Gregory Klassen and L.A. based artist Tony Brown collaborates on this exhibition that gives recycled items of various media new life in the form of art. Klassen, a trained painter of the Gerhard Richter‘s studio in Dusseldorf, Germany, often creates fluidity and dimension with melding colors and textures — you would swear that the paint should be bleeding off of the canvas. Brown’s “Inlay” series (left) reinterprets newsprint images by subtle addition/subtract. Both artists uses surprisingly common items in our surroundings and give us a alternative way about looking at them. The exhibition can be seen through May 31.

PRESS: “Slower Than a New York Minute” by Kat Murrell for Urban Milwaukee Dial.

The Art of Music in Milwaukee

June 13 – July 12, 2014

There’s great art and great music in Milwaukee, and sometimes they intercept, collaborate and profess admiration towards one another. Our first summer exhibition “The Art of Music in Milwaukee” celebrates the relationship between music and visual arts. With over 100 pieces of artwork, more than 20 local artists and privately collected works from local art collectors, there certainly will be a harmony of rhythm and rhyme and choreographed visual symphony.


The artworks includes screen printed concert posters, original inked art and painting for posters and album covers, painted music scores, art inspired and incorporating music symbolisms, photography of legendary musician and artwork created as tribute to musicians who inspires, and much more! Click here for full list of artists and bio.


Art and music converge in Milwaukee exhibition with UW-Whitewater connections

Posters, paintings, photos illustrate ‘The Art of Music in Milwaukee’ 

Featured Member Exhibition – Leann Wooten

April 25 – July 12

Formerly a painter and in love with texture, Leann Wooten began adding objects to her canvases to create a dynamic composition with physical depth.  It was a natural transition for her to move into mixed media, with a strong emphasis on mosaic.  Wooten feels it is necessary to have a variety of materials available to convey her thoughts.

A found object triggers her creative process.  She works in a semi-abstract manner, allowing herself and the viewer touches of both the familiar and the unfamiliar.  Wooten’s approach to art is spontaneous, never preconceived, and tends to explore the world around us by molding it into something new. Wooten is one of 4 chosen for a individual member exhibition during the 2013 Annual Members Show by juror educator and arts writer Kat Murrell. This exhibition will be shown through July 12.

 Creative Reflections – 2014 Youth Art Exhibition

July 25 – August 23, 2014


This annual youth art exhibition will show the inspirational and creative talent of our Summer Art Camp students. The exhibition will include photography, drawing, painting and multimedia artwork.

Year round, our gallery is filled with quality artwork by outstanding artists and curated by art professionals. Our mission as an organization is to provide art experiences that are inspiring and thought-provoking to everyone, regardless of age. We also thrive in promoting creativity and self-expression through art with youth. We believe that art is very important in youth development and that art education inspires confidence, creative problem solving and academic achievement.

 Featured Member Exhibition: Joe Couture

July 25 – October 4

Couture’s work finds its inspiration from the ways in which emotions impact human behavior.  In particular, he’s drawn to the tragedies that result from the inability to understand and communicate emotions, and to be emotionally available to others.  Couture employs various media to capture moments of emotional intensity and psychological tension in a manner conducive to initially accessing that intensity and tension.  Inside these moments, he pushes the limits of empathy and questions what it means to be emotionally intelligent.

Joe Couture, "Portrait of Hardship and Loss", colored pencil, pastel on paper, 2013

2014 Annual Members Show

September 5 – October 4


This annual non-juried exhibition is dedicated to showcasing the artwork of our members. Over 150 pieces in a wide range of media are presented salon-style throughout our gallery, creating an exuberant display of color, texture, form and flow. The style of the artwork varies as much as the medium.

The opening reception in itself is a creative salon. Art lovers and exhibiting artists, budding and esteemed, gather to converse, connect and share creative ideas and techniques. For many, WPCA’s Annual Members Show has become a tradition and among their favorite to show work.

2014-15 Featured Members ArtistsEach year, a juror selects four artists from the Annual Members Show to exhibit individually in a Featured Member Exhibition. Each exhibition opens on Gallery Night and runs for 10 weeks. This year’s juror is Michael Davidson, Chair of Fine Arts at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. The 2014-15 Featured Member Artists will be announced during the opening reception. (Click here for past jurors and artists).

Audience Favorite. This year we invite visitors to vote for their favorite piece of artwork. The “Audience Favorite” will win a prize package that includes memberships and gift certificates. Additionally, one voter will be randomly drawn to receive prizes as well.

 Día de los Muertos exhibition

October 17 — November 22, 2014
Opening reception: Friday, October 17, 5—9 pm

Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a celebration honoring loved ones who have passed and a time to reflect on those who are still with us. Colorful ofrendas (offerings/altars) commemorate the dead and welcome their returning souls during the holiday. These ofrendas are decorated with secular and religious motifs, as well as flowers, food, beverages and personal objects that reflect the life of the deceased.

This year marks the 22nd year of the exhibition at WPCA. Art Historian Juan J. Lopez curates this exhibition, emphasizing the subject of “identity” through the display of ofrendas and artwork by local families and artists. There will also be traditional/contemporary Mexican music and dance performances. Come join in on the celebration and bring memories of your loved ones who have passed but still inspire you.


Artwork designed by artist Jośe Montoto.

Featured Member Exhibition: Nova Czarnecki

October 17, 2014 — January 3, 2015

The Rewards of PreserverenceWe are proud to present the 2014—2015 Featured Member Exhibition series, and opening the season with artist Nova Czarneck. The opening reception will be on Friday, October 17, 5—9 pm.


I work with oil paint, creating vibrant life-sized images of figures in motion, emotional portraits, and amped-up nature.  My paintings explore the human experience in colorful explosions of alternate reality, using lyrical movement and design to make the unseen seen. 

In my earlier work, I have represented elaborate cityscapes, structured patterns, and the earthly elements with realistic clarity, and investigated organic life, sometimes dripping or swirling with playful fantasy. 

Currently I am focused on depicting the human form emerging from the tangles of tree branches, bursting with birds, or cascading with floral creations and oceanic structures to visually describe a memory, experience, or moral. I find inspiration in nature and consider the connection between what can actually be touched and what is transcendent. 

Visit Nova Czarnecki’s website to see more of her work.