Photo by Michael Flanagan, taken at Arthur’s Shorewood home

Arthur Thrall speaks very little and often looks at you with an affectionate smile. His artwork, however, presents complex form and styling. Music is often the theme in his paintings and prints; he composes and choreographs visual symphonies with fluidic curves and melodic notations

. The color palettes he uses seems to suggest the mood.

The four pieces below are on display at WPCA as part of “The Art of Music in Milwaukee”

Arthur is perhaps the most academically esteemed and decorated artist exhibiting in “The Art of Music in Milwaukee” and probably the only one with a Wikipedia page. He was awarded the Wisconsin Visual Art Lifetime Achievement Award by the Museum of Wisconsin Art in 2011.

Watch this video of Arthur creating the plate for “Confluence.” Four pieces of his work can be seen in “The Art of Music in Milwaukee.” Click on the “Watch on Vimeo” button.

Orchestrated Lines: Arthur Thrall from Mark F. Heffron on Vimeo.

The exhibition runs through July 12. For more information and a full list of artists and contributors, click here.


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