Art Music MKE Concert Flyer 2014These photos were taken by Jennifer Bartel during “The Art of Music in Milwaukee – Live Concert” featuring artists/musicians Amanda Schoofs, Hal Rammel and Paul Mitchell, who each had visual artwork in “The Art of Music of Milwaukee” exhibition (June 13 – July 12, 2014).

Artists/musicians David Collins, Pat Reinholz, Steve Schlei, Trevor Saint and Warren Enstrom, accompanied and performed musical pieces that correlates to the visual artwork in display. 

The concert was a collaboration between WPCA’s “The Art of Music in Milwaukee” exhibition and artists Amanda Schoofs, Hal Rammel and Paul Mitchell.

Concert Program: 

Amplified Palettes, Hal Rammel
Solo improvisation
Trio Improvisation with Trevor Saint, glockenspiel and Amanda Schoofs, voice

Hunting is Not So Much the Heads You Place on the Wall, by Paul Mitchell
performed by Pat Reinholz, cello; Warren Enstrom, bassoon; and Mitchell, voice

Ink Makes a Sound, by Amanda Schoofs
performed by Pat Reinholz, cello

Intimate Addictions, by Amanda Schoofs
performed by David Collins, saxophone; Trevor Saint, glockenspiel; Steve Schlei, i-pad/TC-11; Schoofs, voice

(click photos to enlarge)

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