10694929_853773817974514_2008091602_nSince it’s the starting of the school year, we thought it would be fitting to do a profile on one of our members who’s also a college student.

Caitlin Holdredge is a senior at MIAD majoring in illustration. She has also been a volunteer at WPCA since February, helping in variety tasks, including gallery attendant, exhibition planning and assisting in youth art classes. Her upbeat and lively personality adds to the enthusiasm and dedication she brings to the organization. We asked Caitlin to share somethings about her as a young art student.

School year and major
Senior at the MIAD and majoring in illustration.

Personal/artistic style
I like to think of my art as quirky, lighthearted and humorous.

Why art school?
I want to be the best I can be! Art school seemed to be one of the best ways to accomplish that.


The importance of art
I’ve grown up with art. It has formed me into the person I am today. Art has taught me so many things, like how to be patient, how to see the beauty in everything and how to see the bright side in anything. No matter how rough something is at the time, it will all turn into a beautiful masterpiece in the end.

Favorite Medium
My favorite medium is all of them!!! I draw everything out before I even consider using my computer, but recently I’ve really got into cut paper.

Applying creativity
I like my art to convey a story, for it to be able to create a personal connection with the viewer. Following that trend, I entertain the idea of someday illustrating children’s books or greeting cards.

10681955_856442171041012_1746929369_nInfluences and inspirations
Norman Rockwell is amazing, he was a perfectionist who was inspired by all that surrounded him. But mainly families and their day to day activities. Dr. Seuss had such an interesting way of observing the world around him and making it his own. His drawings are simplistic compared to other’s, and yet his books remain a children’s classic to this day. Oliver Jeffers experiments with everything! His stories are so quirky, and are filled with different mediums and unique typography. Julene Harrison is a magician with her knife, the images she cuts are so beautiful and accurate. Even if I manage to make half the impact anyone of these artists have, I will be extremely satisfied.

Resource for young artists
Google images is the best! Whenever I begin to draw something, I always go to Google images to look up reference photos and inspiration. The internet is a fantastic thing. Also, at my school we have professionals in the art field to teach us some of the things they know. It’s a great experience to interact with professional artists.

Resource lacking for young artists
Moral support goes a long way. Don’t be one of those people who tells others that art isn’t a practical career, and has no worth in today’s society. Our world would be empty without art. If someone tells you that something is impossible, use that as motivation to prove them wrong.

caitlin_work“Crying in a Bucket,” “Sweet Cheese” and “You’re a Special Duck” by Caitlin Holdredge. Shown currently in the Annual Members Show.