Behind the Art (BtA) series

BtA is our blog series that uses imagery, audio, video and text to tell stories about artists and their artwork. 

Mary Smith’s ofrenda in remembrance of her brother Joe, who passed away 50 years ago

Artist Mary Smith have made many ofrendas throughout the years, including one to honor Pope John Paul II. It took her a few years to finally make one for her brother Joe, who dead 5o years ago in a heroic act to save two friends in a boating accident. You can hear what Joe meant to, then, 12 year old Mary. You hear how much he still means to her today.

Mary’s ofrenda to her brother Joe was a part of the 2014 Dia de los Muertos exhibitionOctober 17 — November 22, 2014

(click play below and scroll through the photos of the ofrenda)

Behind the Art (BtA) series

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