awa-logo-01For the month of December, Walker’s Point Center for the Arts will be hosting two 3-day AwA workshops.

December 21–23 & 28–30
Open to all children ages 6–12.

During week one, we will focus on channeling the holiday spirit of caring and creating warmth for ourselves and other with three diverse projects designed to teach children the meaning of giving through art.

Week two, we will make Mexican traditional corn husk art with artist Yesica Coria. Join us for this fun three day workshop for beginner to advanced learners.

Sign up for both workshops, all six days (strongly recommended) or select individual sessions of your interest. 


Afternoons with Art (AwA) is offered during days when schools are not in session (based on MPS calendar). Think about it as a mini art camp. AwA also include winter and spring break programming as well as individual days during the semester (PTA, administration days…). Click here for more AwA dates.

Week One

Warmth, Empathy, & Caring Workshop

December 21–23, 1–5 pm
(sign up for all three days or two, or one)

In this three day workshop, we will examine the expressions of warmth, empathy and caring, and create art to express what they mean to us. We will focus on using a different medium each session to portray these important sentiments of the holiday season.

Session 1

Making New Memories with Old Items
Monday, December 21, 1–5 pm

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Winter is here and it’s time to get out those sweaters and mittens. We will be creating mittens out of old sweaters, transforming old things that are meaningful to us and giving it new life which will create new memories. Art supplies and materials will be provided, but students are welcome to bring their old/used sweaters.

Session 2

Ceramic Arts w/ guest artist Benito Tyjeski
Tuesday, December 22, 1–5 pm


We will be creating candle holders with artist Benito Tyjeski using simple ceramic techniques. In our creations we will be thinking about this week’s theme of Warmth, Empathy and Caring as inspiration for the pieces.

Session 3

Uplifting Greeting Cards
Wednesday, December 23

Time: 1–5 pm

For this session, we will design and print our own greeting cards, customized with messages relating to the theme of the workshop. We will trade greeting cards with each other and each send a card to a sick child through Cards for Hospitalized Kids (CFHK).

Week Two

Traditional Corn Husk Art with Yesica Coria

December 28–30, 1–5 pm
(sign up for all three days or two, or one)

In this three day workshop, local folk artist Yesica Coria will lead students in making various traditional Mexican and creative corn husk art. Join us as we create our own dolls and animals that can be used to tell stories through play, experience and imagination..


Session 1
Corn Husk Butterflies & Animals (Beginner)
Monday, December 28, 1–5 pm

We will be creating butterflies, dragonflies and other animals from corn husk. A beginning level class for children ages 6 and up.

Session 2

Corn Husk Dolls (Intermediate)
Tuesday, December 29, 1–5 pm

We will be creating people/dolls to add to the collection from the previous session. Recommended for students who have done the first workshop or for children ages 8+.


Session 3
Puppets (Intermediate-Advanced)
Wednesday, December 30, 1–5 pm

In this session, we will create whimsical and functioning puppets out of corn husk and other materials. Recommended for ages 8 and up, or for students who have participated in the December 28 and 29 sessions.

About Artist Yesica Coria
Yesica Coria, originally rom Veracruz, Mexico, is a Milwaukee based artist who teaches and makes traditional Mexican folk art. Yesica studied arts and design at the University of Veracruz. She also worked as a graphic designer and taught painting to children through a project called “Pintura Básica para Niños.”

Yesica is active in promoting traditional Mexican corn husk art at local and regional fairs, including the Latino Carnaval and the Dia de los Muertos event at Walker Square Park. She’s currently working on collaborative projects with artists from Mexico and El Salvador. She also volunteers at the United Community Center, teaching seniors to traditional corn husk art.


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