Monday, February 15


1–5 pm | Ages 6–12

$5 for 53204 residents
$10 for non-53204 residents

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Some say that when you have a bobblehead made of you, that’s when you’ve truly arrived. The bobblehead honor isn’t exclusive to professional athletes, superheroes or celebrities. Heroes and heroines who dedicated their lives to make the world a better place are also commonly enshrined in these playful miniatures. These are,

Frida Kahlo bobblehead by Maikue Vang

Frida Kahlo bobblehead by Maikue Vang

in our opinion, the best kind of bobbleheads! (Imagine looking at a Ghandi or Rosie the Riveter bobblehead cheering you on throughout the day).

Join us for this AwA session of hero/heroine bobblehead making. We will talk about our heroes and heroines, living or dead, and how they influence and inspire us in our lives. We will make bobbleheads of our heroes/heroines with simple and durable materials, with bobbling heads of course!

This AwA is led by WPCA lead educator and arts education coordinator Maikue Vang.

Bobblehead Radio Milwaukee

Photo: Laura Kezman & 88.9 Radio Milwaukee.

Check out Redline Milwaukee’s bobblehead exhibit and this wonderful video about it made by Radio Milwaukee.

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