1610993_10208202021116921_2642426743051901231_nFriday, April 8
6–8 pm

Join us for a conversation with emerging artists Arcadia Katzenberger, Adam Melster and Faith Casselman. The discussion will revolve around the impact of art in their childhood and how it inspired them to pursue an education and career in art.

Arcadia Katzenberger was chosen as one of four WPCA 2015–16 featured artists and have a collection of artwork up in the gallery. (click here for more about the Featured Member Exhibition)


About the Artists:

029Arcadia Katzneberger
My art is a reflection of observations from myself, my surroundings, and my life experiences. When approaching a new concept or idea, research is inevitable. I tend to have multiple ideas in regards of how I am going to construct and complete my work. More often than not, my projects do not end up as intended due to pure experimentation. I let my work evolve on it’s own making each work entirely unique. Mixed media is the core foundation of my work which further branches off into drawing, digital media, photography, and painting. This gives myself the chance to explore the relationships between 2D and 3D.
I believe that art making is important due to the full releasing qualities that can stem from each individual process. Art in general is both an intimate and vigorous human experience. Personally, exposure to the arts as a whole makes my experience that much more vibrant.

Faith Casselman
Often inspired by impressionistic painters, my artwork is stimulated by remembrance – a form of place that can recall a memory. There are certain places I am somewhat called to, usually in adventure or emotion. The inspiration to paint or create prints comes from the idea of something new; something yet untouched by my memory. This sense of “newness” is experienced through the discovery or a revisiting of a place. Every place holds the possibility to possess memory, and along with it the possibility to reveal an evolution or change in a person.

As we grow, we observe and experience the world differently. We never see the same place quite the same time after time, reflecting a personal change. By creating paintings and prints, I do not only explore the beauty of a moment in time, but I also document and preserve that moment. The work prompts one to reimagine a moment in time, whether it be positive or negative. By constructing places that hold memory, they serve as documentation for the evolution of humans both socially and individually. Memory in this case is not static, but a never ending timeline in which we can reexamine ourselves and our psychosocial development.


Adam Melster
I am a Senior at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee studying Art Education with a primary focus in drawing and illustration. My independent work is generally composed of several series of calligraphy pen and ink mixed media collages/illustrations. I am heavily inspired by raw human emotion, in terms of despair, turmoil, and personal relationships/narratives with both others and the society in which we live. I feel that artmaking with this added emotional element creates a much more personal and detailed approach when I am creating. These ideas also push me to experiment in terms of utilizing new materials, techniques, and styles to add a differentiating element to my work. My work fluctuates in terms of what physical emotion I am feeling while creating and is usually in response to a prior experience or feeling that I have encountered.