PJ Boylan

July 21 – October 7, 2017

We are honored to present our last, but certainly not least, Featured Member Exhibition of 2016-17, featuring photographer PJ Boylan’s architectural photography. A seasoned traveler and photographer, PJ’s travel photography is worthy of a National Geographic magazine covers. Her refined sense in the relativity of color, shapes, and scale allows her to compose a narrative in a single frame, which separates the essence of her work from a “pretty picture” and defines it as stories within a photograph.

Artist Statement

The shacks of corrugated metal that serve as residences in Soweto, a section of Johannesberg, South Africa, are separated by narrow lanes. This woman navigates this lane with her child and a wheelbarrow.

I love observing God’s creation and how people have affected it, instilling in me a passion for travel. Not only do I want to experience life around the world, but to share my experiences through photography. The world is my home–the world is in color so most of my work is in color.

My photography is not easily described as to theme or style. I love variety and spontaneity in my life which shows in my subject matter. Rarely do I plan to photograph any specific subject. As I wander I am always observing. Using 35 mm cameras and primarily natural light, my “eye” may be attracted to how light is affecting a subject, or to a repetitive pattern or texture. I am captivated by scenes that show contrasts or inconsistencies, and scenes that are simply beautiful or otherwise impactful. Architecture, with or without decorative detail, and how structures are maintained, especially capture my attention. Sometimes I purposely shoot or crop for ambiguity or mystery to draw viewers into using their own imaginations.

Although I have taken pictures most of my life, I first started marketing my photographs professionally after retiring from a career in law. Within a year of retirement I was exhibiting (primarily juried exhibitions) and winning awards in state and local camera clubs competitions. I have earned more than 75 medals, plaques, ribbons, awards and inclusion in many juried exhibitions (e.g., Midwest Photo Exhibition, CoPA Juried) and art fairs (e.g., Art Fair on the Square in Madison, Boca Raton Museum of Art Fine Art Fair). In addition, I am honored to have been chosen to judge photo and art competitions and exhibitions.

I completed a two-year course from the New York Institute of Photography earning a Certificate in Professional Photography, and the Canon Masters Course, and continue to learn through membership in photography organizations.

I enjoy working with clients, using the best quality materials, to provide limited edition art appropriate for health care facilities and corporate offices as well as residences. I accept location assignments and grant licenses for commercial use in publications and digital applications.

IMG_10612016–17 Featured Member Exhibition juror

Each year, a juror selects four outstanding artists from the Annual Members Show to exhibit individually in their own Featured Member Exhibition. Each exhibition opens on Gallery Night and runs for about 10 weeks.

We are honored to have artist, educator, gallerist Mark Lawson as the juror of this year’s Featured Member Exhibition (FME) artists. Mark has been a champion of Milwaukee’s art community for decades. He is an instructor and Director of Galleries at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. He is also one of the founders and organizers of Riverwest Artist Association and Jazz Gallery, which for decades has been an important incubator of visual, performance art as well as jazz and experimental music. More about Mark Lawson here.

2016–17 Featured Member Exhibition artists and exhibition schedules

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July 21 – Oct. 7, 2017

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