Tierra Herida: Printmaking from the Americas is a panorama of contemporary printmaking in the Americas—46 artists from 20 countries explore the theme of mining from colonial times to the present.

The exhibit was curated by Alec Dempster and runs through March 9, 2019.

The history of the Americas and its current reality is closely linked to mining. From colonial times to the present, labor exploitation, the repression of social movements and environmental damage have gone hand in hand with this industry. Recently, large-scale extraction projects have increased with adverse consequences for the environment and the communities where they are carried out. Opposition to mining has grown in an organized manner but violence has also increased in order to silence those voices. As a result, Latin America has become one of the most dangerous places in the world for human rights Advocates.

To raise awareness and generate discussion around the theme artist from all over the Americas have created work on the theme of mining from their local and personal perspectives. The result is a graphic map of the current situation and at the same time a panorama of contemporary printmaking in the region.

Exhibiting Artists

Hortensia    Aguilera    México – Guanajuato
Lynne     Allen    USA
Montserrat     Alsina    Venezula- USA – Chicago
Rene    Arceo    USA – México
Carlos    Barberena    Nicaragua-USA
Hugo    Barrón    México – Guanajuato
Lulhy    Cardoso    Bolivia
Marta    Chudolinska    Canada – Ukraine
Patricia    Concina    Argentina – Belgium – Spain
Carolina    Cordoba Zamora    Costa Rica
Jésica    Cruz    Colombia
Alec    Dempster    México- Canada
Carmela    Enriquez Funes    Guatemala
Jerry    Evans    Canada – New Foundland
Roberto     Ferreyra    USA – Chicago – México
Cesar     Garcia ‘Coco”    Colombia
Daniel    González    USA – Los Angeles – México
Alynn    Guerra    USA – México
Niurka     Guzmán Otañez    Republica Domincana – México
Gabriela     Juárez Domínguez    USA – Chicago – México
Jo Anne    Lanneville    Canada – Trois Rivières
Poli    Marichal    Puerto Rico
Francisco Jose    Maringelli    Brazil
Beatriz    Melo    Brazil
Marcelo    Molina    Cuba
Elisa Maria    Monsalve    Chile
Gabriela    Morac    México – Oaxaca
Camilo Andres    Ortiz Figueroa    Chile
Beatriz Maria    Pestana Ozuna     Venezuela- USA
Gloria    Quispe    Peru
Osvaldo     Ramirez Castillo    El Salvador-Canada
Jimena    Ramos    México – Orizaba
América    Rodríguez    Republica Domincana – México
Gloria    Rojas    Venezuela – USA
Manuel    Ruelas    México – México City
Carlos Franco    Ruiz    Nicaragua – Uruguay
Dani    Scharf    Uruguay
Carina    Suntaxi    Ecuador
Carlos    Tamayo    Colombia
Lorena    Tenorio    Colombia
Luis Antonio    Torres Villar    Peru – Argentina
George    Walker    Canada – Toronto
Alicia    Zamora Noguera    Nicaragua
Mazatl        México
Zamer        México – Mexico City

The curator, Alec Dempster, was born in Mexico City and grew up in Toronto where he studied printmaking at York University. Soon after graduation, he returned to Mexico and set up shop in Xalapa for a decade. This is where he created the two well known lotería games exploring Huasteca and Jarocha cultures. It was a period of intense dedication to son jarocho music, performing, doing research and recording. His series of 6 cd´s recorded in rural Veracruz, released on his Anona Music label, have become required listening for son jarocho enthusiasts. In 2009 he returned to Toronto to focus on writing, illustration and musical activities, publishing Lotería Huasteca and Lotería Jarocha with The Porcupines Quill. In 2017 he made a full circle, returning to Mexico City where he now has a printmaking studio.

Special thanks to our collaborator Open Center for the Arts in Chicago, IL for their support in getting Tierra Herida to Milwaukee, after being exhibited in their space in 2018.