RFQ & RFP Voting Rights and Inequitable Practices.

Identity Resistance & Reclamation Proposals

Milwaukee has a long and complex history of migration and intercultural experiences. Unfortunately, much of the City’s physical and emotional landscape is not reflective of its complexly beautiful communities. Much like many other localities around the country, our City has been dominated by whiteness – perspectives that do not represent the breath of voices who have been dismissed and ignored for far too long.All too frequently, proposals are brought forth featuring the artwork of white artists that shamelessly engage with the appropriation and consumption of identities that are not their own. These public enactments have created longterm blemishes on the faces of our shared community spaces. Facilitating this call for art serves as a social-political marker, designating that Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPoC) communities will no longer be rendered voiceless and invisible; as their identities are continuously pillaged and aired as props for consumption and frivolous indulgence. Participating in Identity Resistance & Reclamation is a radical act of reconciliation that is long overdue.In response to this trauma, we are creating a CALL FOR ART as a movement towards empowerment of Identity Resistance & Reclamation. 

Walker’s Point Center for the Arts (WPCA) would like to offer the opportunity to bring forth BIPoC voices with a counter exhibition of public art. 

Voting Rights and Inequitable Practices.

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Select a public space (building, wall, sidewalk) and be intentional about the relationship between your topic, art work and the location.


Monday, August 31st at 5:00pm

Send your Letter of interest, Resume, Slides of past work, Proposed schedule for project completion, Goals or intent for the visual project and a Sketch of the proposed art work to submissions@wpca-milwaukee.org

Due to time constraints, please submit both the Request for Qualification AND the Request for Proposal.


All applicants MUST:

  • Self-identify as Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color
  • Live in city of Milwaukee

Request for Qualification

    • Letter of interest (up to 250 words)
    • Resume (up to 2 pages)
    • Slides of past work (up to 10 images; 150 DPI)

Request for Proposal

    • Proposed schedule for the project completion (up to 250 words)
    • Goals or intent of the visual project (up to 250 words)
    • How does your work address the intersection of physical location and identity? Be specific. (up to 250 words)

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