Featured Member: Roxane Mayeur

October 27 – December 18, 2020

Enter Virtual Experience


This series grew out of the desire to give form to the uncertainty of the current political and cultural climates. The images are created using encaustic medium (beeswax and damar resin) and mixed media. The encaustic process lends itself to creating layers of opacity and transparency, obscuring some areas while unveiling others to construct a personal narrative. Intensely process driven, multiple layers of encaustic medium are fused using a torch or other heat source while embedding other materials into the wax producing a translucence and ethereal quality unlike any other medium. At times cold wax medium and oil is applied, bridging encaustic and traditional oil painting.

Roxane Mayeur is a mixed media artist working in painting, printmaking and collage. She resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is an active member of the visual arts community. For the past three years she has worked almost exclusively with encaustic and cold wax medium.


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