Featured Member: Andrea Lira Landa

July 23 – September 24, 2021



About the artist:

i am andrea lira-landa. I was dreamed of and birthed in ueyalteptl mexko (Mexico City, Mexico 1995). In 2000 my parents immigrated to this land, minwaking, where i’ve set roots for the past 21 years. I live in the neighborhood of polonia with my young person ophelia, life partner duncan, and fur babes pepper (dog) and moonlight (cat).

Artist Statement:

i am a nonbinary indigenous femme. my work reflects on my spiritual journey in this realm and beyond. these mosaics are the beginning of a journey to understand deeper connections between our bodies, tonantzin (our earth mother), and ancestral wisdom. each piece is a call to discuss/further understand what it means to be medicine. medicine has manifested itself in many ways throughout my life… art making, cooking, working with the earth, plant relatives, community, dance, and bodies of water. i dream of my ancestors healing together with all of these medicines. i pray to tonantzin, our earth mother, who creates us, our plant and creature relatives, and the water that flows through her and us as it cleanses our spirit and nourishes our bodies. I see my work as a collaboration between tonantzins magik and the magik within me, us. incorporating clay which mimics the beautiful brown/red complexion of my people, blues and greens to symbolize life, circular shape, the never ending cycle of our energies, and seeds… the seeds that we plant through our time in this realm, in our bodies, in our connections with one another. y mucho mas. Our lives are full of symbolism, creating space to receive these messages from the ancestors is essential to our healing as a whole. I hope that with these pieces you are able to pause and reflect and acknowledge the medicine within you, us.


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