Meet CK Ledesma

Ck Ledesma is a transdisciplinary Afro-Taino artist from San Juan, Puerto Rico, living in the diaspora in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Besides art practices, they are passionate about serving their community while building authentic relationships and the liberation of all BIPOC people. They co-founded Cosecha Creative Space, a community-focused “space” that centers connections, understanding, and building togetherness through creative engagement, mutual aid, and the arts: “We connect with our community(ies) to understand our collective/shared humanity and build togetherness—building together through art creation.”

Ledesma was named the 2022 Artists of the Year, a 2020 Mary L. Nohl Fellow, has served at the artist-in-residence for the Cesar Chavez Drive Business Improvement District in Milwaukee, the Mitchell Street branch of the Milwaukee Public Library, and Casa Candela in Cayey, Puerto Rico. Their work has been exhibited nationally and internationally at the Racine Art Museum and through the Museums Association of the Caribbean and, most notably, within the community.