Transplant Eyes Opening Reception

Transplant Eyes opening reception

June 2, 2017 @ 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Walker's Point Center for the Arts
Howard Leu

Friday, June 2
5:00–9:00 pm

Join us, along with the artists and curators, for the opening reception of Transplant Eyes.

Drawing inspiration from the personal ‘melting pot,’ Transplant Eyes feature artists who occupy liminal spaces where notions of here and there, self and other, past and present are in constant flux. The exhibition features Midwest-based artists who were from other parts of the world. The artists interweave representations of local culture with symbols from their past to create psychologically intricate works of art with aesthetic agency, yet thematically comment on their social surroundings. As the act of “becoming” is ongoing, both past and present inform their artwork in this show.

The title, Transplant Eyes, speaks to the newness—fresh eyes, new perspectives, an opportunity to grow as an individual; it speaks to the daily resistances (such as language barriers) and potential for non-acceptance by the host culture (such as racism and denial of citizenship).

More info and artist bios, click here.

Featuring artists:
Katayoun Amjadi, Rina Yoon, Nirmal Raja, Wing Young Huie, Nina Ghanbarzadeh, Xavier Tavera, Mika Negishi Laidlaw, Yevgeniya Kaganovich, Essma Imady.

Curated by Katayoun Amjadi and John Schuerman.

"US/Mexico Border" by Xavier Tavera
"River Arms" by Rina Yoon
"Bed of Roses" by Katayoun Amjadi