Each year during our Annual Members Show, a juror selects four exhibiting artists with outstanding work and awards them each a small-scale solo exhibition in our Featured Member Exhibition gallery. Each exhibition opens on Gallery Night and runs for approximately 10 weeks. The series aims to give more local artists the opportunity to showcase their work and to have it be seen by more audience.

Featured Member Exhibition (FME), which began in 2012, has been well received by yearly attendees and exhibiting artists alike.  The jurors are given liberty to set their own guideline as to how they choose the winners. Featured Member Exhibition alumni range from established to budding artists, and represent a broad stroke of style and mediums (see the full list of FME artists below).


Kantara Souffrant, PhD

Ammar Nsoroma

Jenie Gao

Colin Matthes

Della Wells

Mark Lawson

Josie Osborne

Michael Davidson

Kat Kneevers

Frank Juarez


2021-2022 Featured Artists:
Posy Knight, Stephanie M. Bartz, Jerry Styberg, Jeanette Arellano

2020-2021 Featured Artists:
Roxane Mayeur, Alexa Hollywood, Yeyliz Martinez,  Andrea Lira Landa

2019-2020 Featured Artists: 
Sheila Held, Mary Galinowski, Denise Schanz, Cyndi Bergloff

2018-2019 Featured Member Artists:
Katheryn Corbin, Jeff Morin, Conhg Lopez, Madhavi Parekh

2017-2018 Featured Member Aritsts:
Jack Long, Kathy Jo House, Rodney Mustelier, Gary Warren Niebuhr

2016-17 Featured Member Artists:

Amy Schmutte, David Powell, Benjamin Fairly, PJ Boylan

2015-16 Featured Member Artists:
Adam James Stoner, Arcadia Katzenberger, Brad Krause, Brian Breider

2014-15 Featured Member Artists:
Nova CzarneckiKevin GieseGary John GreslKevin Wrencher

2013-14 Featured Member Artists:
William Mueller, Paul Matzner, Leann Wooten, Joe Couture

2012-13 Featured Member Artists:
Tiffany Knopow, Jean Sobon, Jessica Schafer, Chris Andrews