Cyndi Bergloff

Cyndi Bergloff was named a Featured Member at WPCA’s 2019 Annual Members Show. As one of four artists selected for her outstanding work, Cyndi was arawrded a solo exhibition beginning later this year.

Featured Member: Cyndi Bergloff, Summer 2020

Cyndi nindizhinikaaz. onjibaayaan zhigaagoodena, daayaan Minowakiing. Aawiyaan Odawa ndoodem nimikii.– (In Anishinaabemowin: I am called Cyndi, I am from/ grew up in skunk-town [Chicago, IL], and currently live in the good land [Milwaukee, WI]. I am Odawa  [Grand Traverse Band and Grand River band] and belong to the Thunderbird clan.


My work is rooted in Anishinaabe teaching, gender expressions, intergenerational healing and theories in translation. Through my work, I aim to bring in aspects of language in whatever ways I can, because I believe that Anishinaabemowin holds the breath of my aanikoobijiganag and inawemaaganag (My ancestors, future generations and relatives.)


My thoughts on spaces that create community and healing, such as WPCA: