Featured Member Exhibition: Leann Wooten

April 18 – July 12, 2014
Opening Reception: Spring Gallery Night, Friday, April 18th from 5 – 9pm

Formerly a painter and in love with texture, Wooten began adding objects to her canvases to create a dynamic composition with physical depth.  It was a natural transition for her to move into mixed media, with a strong emphasis on mosaic.  Wooten feels it is necessary to have a variety of materials available to convey her thoughts.

A found object triggers her creative process.  She works in a semi-abstract manner, allowing herself and the viewer touches of both the familiar and the unfamiliar.  Wooten’s approach to art is spontaneous, never preconceived, and tends to explore the world around us by molding it into something new.

Leann Wooten, "Untitled", mixed media mosaic, 2013

Leann Wooten, “Untitled”, mixed media mosaic, 2013