Exhibition Proposal Guidelines

cycle 2 deadline is moved to October 31, 2022

Call for Proposals

Our gallery program has long been a champion of local, emerging and underrepresented artists, offering not only a platform for their work but also behind-the-scenes support. Our main gallery hosts 7-8 exhibitions a year, including in-house curated and collaborative shows with local, national and international art groups. 

Walker’s Point Center for the Arts supports visual and performing arts and learning in a multicultural environment. The center fosters creativity in children through innovative education and encourages audience development and artistic talent with a diverse blend of programming. From bold exhibitions to youth arts programs, our commitment to equity in the arts and in the world at large drives everything we do.

We belief that all people—including but not limited to those who have been historically underrepresented based on race/ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, socioeconomic status, geography, citizenship status, or religion—should be represented, supported and have access to thriving venues for expression.

The mission of WPCA includes exhibitions of local, regional, national and international artists. Exhibition proposals that uplift historically underrepresented voices are given priority in the selection process.


  • Exhibition Proposals will be reviewed twice a year; January 1 (cycle 1) and July 1 (cycle 2)
    • PLEASE NOTE: cycle 2 deadline is moved to October 31, 2022
  • Proposals submitted will be reviewed on January 15th & July 15th. The proposal authors will be notified of the results by January 30th or July 30th.
  • A proposal template is available on the WPCA website or by contacting the staff of the WPCA.
  • Open dates within our calendars are January, Febraury, March, April, May and June. December also includes time for an artist/maker market with a separate application process.


  • A $50 submission fee will be assessed for submitted proposals; that fee covers one annual membership for a submitting artist. Proposals by artist members are given priority.


Submitted proposals should include a primary contact person with telephone and e-mail information.
  • The proposal should be detailed enough to provide the reviewers a complete sense of the nature of the exhibit, the estimated number of artists to be included in case of a competitive exhibit or the specific names of artists who will be part of a curated exhibit.
  • Group shows should include artist’s names, a short biographical statement and representative images of artwork.
  • It is expected that these materials will be submitted via electronic form. Analog submissions may be submitted in person at the WPCA during open hours.

Details for exhibiting artists/artwork

Artists are expected to show their work for the agreed-upon period. Removal of work before the end of this period is not permitted.
  • Sales of art works are encouraged, WPCA receives a (30%?) commission on sales. Artwork that is sold must remain on display through the end of the exhibit.
  • Arrangements for the delivery of artwork to WPCA should be spelled out and coordinated with the WPCA staff; WPCA will not cover the costs of delivery or transportation of artworks.
  • All artwork must be prepared for installation, either framed or stabilized for three dimensional work.
  • The WPCA has some pedestals for three dimensional work, and the proposal should spell out the needs for any complex installation requirements.
  • WPCA will provide an electronic  loan agreement that must be completed with titles, dates, media and values for all exhibited artwork. Exhibition labels will be prepared from this agreement so the information should be accurate and legible.
  • Courts have ruled that works of art accepted by a public agency for public display are forms of expression protected from censure by the 1st Amendment. Accordingly, no work accepted for display shall be removed from display for reasons related to its expressive character.
  • A floor plan of the exhibition galleries is available for planning purposes. Two of the exhibition walls are painted a signature color. Those walls will remain that color; other walls are a neutral white color.
  • Individual solo exhibits are rarely scheduled, with some exceptions. Group shows will receive more favorable review.
  • Proposals that include some public programming such as a gallery talk or opportunities to work with the Youth Arts Education program may receive more favorable reviews.

What being selected means

  • The WPCA will take responsibility for publicizing exhibits including featuring the exhibit on the web site, Instagram and Facebook platforms.
  • Printed postcards may be distributed to the WPCA membership.
  • Exhibition artists are responsible for providing print ready images for promotion (300DPI).
  • Support from WPCA staff to bring to life community engagement elements.

Who can propose an exhibition

  • Artists and/or curators active in local, national, and/or international art communities.
  • Must be 18 years old or older.

What you need to know before submitting a proposal

  • We typically do not offer solo exhibitions (there are rare exceptions). Your proposed exhibition may be matched up with another submission, with each show occupying one of the two spaces in our main gallery, or considered as part of a group exhibition curated by WPCA or guest curators.
  • An art collective or art group may submit a proposal, with one person as acting curator/contact person.
  • Works of all mediums are accepted (including 2D, 3D, installation, performance, etc).
  • WPCA retains 30% of all artwork sales during the exhibition.
  • WPCA will not pay for shipment or pickup of artwork.
  • It may take up to six months for us to respond to a submission.
  • It is critical that submitters become familiar with the nature of our gallery program and the mission of our organization, if not already. We highly recommend you attend a reception, visiting the gallery and speak to our staff before submitting. An exhibition proposal with an education or programming component will be highly favored.
  • Proposals and fee will not be returned.

Submission MUST include

Package may be submitted digitally or a as hardcopy.

  • Exhibition proposal. A title and written description explaining the concept and goal of the exhibition being proposed. Please refer to our rubric to understand how proposals are scored. 
  • Images. 5–10 images of the artwork or concept. It could be photographs of the existing work or images of sketches, conceptual artwork. File format: JPG, 72 dpi, 800px width min. Please label the files accordingly. Images can be submitted via email, file share sites (Dropbox…) or hard copy on disc or flash drive.
  • Artist Biography, current.
  • Artist(s) CV. Two pages max per artist. Current.
  • Artist(s) Statement pertaining to the proposed artwork (Here’s a good guide on writing artist statements).
  • Submission fee is $50 or a WPCA membership. Use the button on the right column to submit fee or membership.

Please read carefully the following guideline before you submit. Email Marcela Garcia, Executive Director, with any questions: xela@wpca-milwaukee.org.


Submit Proposal:

Email: xela@wpca-milwaukee.org, with subject line: Exhibition Proposal.

Walker’s Point Center for the Arts
Attn: Exhibition Committee
839 S. 5th Street
Milwaukee, WI, 53204

NOTE: Due to the large number of submissions, we ask you begin this process early, and that you familiarize yourself with the organization.

Submission Fee

FREE for WPCA Artist level members (and above).

$50 for non-members.

WPCA Gallery Floor Plan. Note: the gallery consists of the east and south rooms.

East Gallery Floor Plan (click to enlarge)

South Gallery Floor Plan (click to enlarge)