Cyndi izhinikaazo. Nindonjibaa Chigagou, Nindadaa Wauwatosa. Nindoodem Animikii gaye Mishiikenh. (My Name is Cyndi. I grew up in Chicago, and am currently living in Wauwatosa. I belong to the Thunderbird and Turtle clans).

Cyndi comes from the Grand River and Grand Traverse Band Odawa communities, and grew up in the Urban American Indian community in Chicago. She is an American Indian Studies major at UWM. In her studies she’s focusing on Indigenous language preservation, and is in the Anishinaabemowin language program.

She served two year with AmeriCorps, City Year Seattle and Playworks Wisconsin, where she spent countless hours in schools that are historically underserved. The experience gave her the understanding how important it is for youth to see representation of their own communities in positions of leadership, specifically representation of Indigenous leadership in the educational sector .

With these experiences, Cyndi returned to complete her undergraduate degree with a new excitement for her educational and career aspirations. In addition to her education during the 2016-2017 school year, she is a current fellow in a fellowship called “Young People For,” an organization through “People For the American Way.” During this fellowship, she will be leveraging her educational and service experiences to create a “Blueprint for Social Justice.” In her free time, she enjoys creating: writing poetry, knitting, crocheting and making jewelry. Cyndi strongly believes that traditions and stories are passed down through art and loves facilitating conversations through her creations. Cyndi Is incredibly excited to be joining the team at Walker’s Point Center For the Arts and looks forward to seeing all of the exhibits and programming taking place.