Cyndi nindizhinikaaz. onjibaayaan zhigaagoodena, daayaan waawaatesi-oodena. Aawiyaan Odawa’ikwe. ndoodem nimikii.– (In Anishinaabemowin: I am called Cyndi, I am from/ grew up in skunk-town [Chicago, IL], and currently live in firefly-town [Wauwatosa, WI]. I am an Odawa woman [Grand Traverse Band and Grand River band] and belong to the Thunderbird clan.
Cyndi is a senior American Indian Studies undergraduate student at UWM, minoring in linguistics. In her studies, she is focusing on Indigenous language revitalization and is in the Anishinaabemowin [Ojibwe] language program. In addition, Cyndi is an Alumni of the Young People For Fellowship, along with serving with AmeriCorps From 2014-2016.
In her free time, she enjoys creating: writing poetry, knitting, crocheting and making jewelry. Cyndi strongly believes that traditions and stories are passed down through art and loves facilitating conversations through her creations.