Annual Members Show
January 4 – February 1, 1997
WPCA acknowledges artist members through inclusion in our Annual Members Show, a salon-style exhibition featuring the work of at least forty members.  This grand exhibitions begins our Tenth Anniversary year.  It will be accompanied by another group show, Print Room Inaugrual Exhibition, presenting the work of many artists who specialize in print-making.  This show will celebrate the first three months of our new ISLA Fine Art Printshoip, one of the most promising services we can offer to meet the needs of area artists.

New Artists/New Work/New York
February – March 1997
A group exhibition featuring ten artists who may well become household names.  Organized by Milwaukee’s CAR (Michelle Garbner and Brad Killam).  This premiere curatorial team will be bringing artists from New York to exhibit in WPCA’s gallery.

The Weld
March – April, 1997
The Weld presents naturally aging steel sculptural work created by trained and untrained artists displayed in both the gallery spaces and our outside Urban Garden.  Using junkyard materials such as auto and machinery parts, this exhibit contains a rebirth theme befitting the first days of spring.  The work of several prominent and emerging Wisconsin artists will be featured. 

New Work by Roy Staab
April – May, 1997
Roy Staab, recently returned from a fellowship in Japan, will present his environmental installations and documentations of past work created and displayed around the globe.  Roy is one of our unofficial ambassadors who, in his travels, will carry forth a sense of mission to the artists he encounters, on behalf of the artists of Milwaukee.  This quietly spectacular exhibit will be displayed in our gallery and Urban Garden.