Public Display of Affection
Jan 20 – March 4, 2006
An original installation by Chicago-based artist Chris Silva expresses the artist’s concern for the current state of human culture and our lack of regard for each other, ourselves and the nature of the world.  The gallery displays photographs and videos documenting street art by Silva and other artists from the Chicago area.  Sharing the space is You Are Beautiful, a piece done collaboratively by Milwaukee artists.

Gallery II for Milwaukee-based Artists
March 24 – May 6, 2006
Mat Rappaport thrives on creating artwork in unexpected places.  He uses familiar ways and places where people randomly encounter them.  Last year, he toured a video and stationary screen mounted in a box van throughout Chicago as a means of bringing art to the public, urban environment.

Annual Members Show
May 19 – July 1, 2006
One of our most exciting exhibitions of the year, this salon-style show provides a unique opportunity for artists at different points in their careers, working in a wide range of media and styles to exhibit together, showing the depth and breadth of contemporary art-making in Wisconsin.

Latin American Prints from Coleccion Salgado
July 21 – Aug 26, 2006
Coleccion Salgado: one of the most prominent collectors of Latin American art in the country.  Artists represented in the collection have exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the Americas and Europe.  Many of these artists are recognized internationally.  WPCA is honored to be the first area venue to present this astonishing selection of works.

Please Love Me
Sept 9 – Oct 13, 2006
This exhibit examines the interstices shared between love letters and architectural nuance.  The pause where the world is very unsure and hope is forever on the verge of being demolished on the rock of the very blackest shore.  This point of Weltschmerz (world-of-pain) where we decide to celebrate our futile actions in a maddening end-of-times fete, or shrug our shoulders and move on down the road.

14th Annual Dia de los Muertos Exhibition
Nov 2 – Nov 30, 2006
Curated by Rosa Zamora.  Altars created by community residents and artists.

Vern: Inner Spaces/Outer Limits
Mar 24 – May 6, 2006
Vern: Inner Spaces/Outer Limits contradicts the current trend of defining and packaging artists according to those working within similar styles.  North American and European artwork crosses artistic spectra in an eclectic mix of styles and ideas fromv aried disciplines, approached and backgrounds.  Vern originated among artists in San Francisco.  Since April 2002, the group has presented shows in Germany, Romania, Italy and across the United States.

Join Us./Acompananos.
Dec 9, 2006 – Jan 13, 2007
Each year WPCA presents a multimedia exhibition of artwork created by children participating in our award-winning Hands-On Youth Art Classes.  This years exhibition, Join Us., has been curated by Paul Stoelting.