awa-500x149November 23–25, 2015

The month of November is National Native American Heritage Month, and WPCA is honoring Native American culture & history in this three-day workshop.Sign up for all three days (strongly recommended) or one or two. 

Afternoons with Art (AwA) is offered during days when schools are not in session (based on MPS calendar). Think about it as a mini art camp. AwA also include winter and spring break programming as well as individual days during the semester (PTA, administration days…). Click here for more AwA dates.

Monday, November 23  “Visiting Milwaukee Public Museum”

Time: 11:00AM – 2:00PM

Location: WPCA/MPM

“Brave Warriors, Sioux and Crow” – Itkaminyanke Photo courtesy of Milwaukee Public Museum

Join us as we visit the Milwaukee Public Museum’s personal collection of Plains Indians Ledger Art, a genre of Plains Indian artistry that corresponded with the reduction of Plains Tribes to government reservation between 1860 and 1900. We will look at actual pieces of work collected by MPM to discuss how this form of art in its present form derives from traditional Plain Indians painting.

Arrive to WPCA by 10:30am to board bus to MPM by 10:45am. Bus will depart WPCA at 11am. 

 Tuesday, November 24 “Ledger Art Workshop”

Time: 1pm–5 pm

Location: WPCA

We will return to WPCA’s art classroom to make our very own ledger art, inspired by MPM’s Ledge Art Collection. Here we will discuss the subject matter typically represented in traditional ledger art and the change in traditional to non-traditional mediums Plains Indian arts. We will utilize these ideas to think about the changes in our urban/natural, cultural/social, and school/home environment to depict a scene of those changes.

Wednesday November 25 “Bead Making”

Time: 1pm-5pm

Location: WPCA

beadsOur last workshop for will take place at the WPCA, where we will return to the history and tradition of bead making and trading in Native American cultures. We will make our very own beads from scratch, design, customize, or personalize our beads; each one representing an important meaning; followed by an activity that will engage students/participants in trading these beads with one another.


To pre-register, complete form below and submit to WPCA by November 9th. Payments must be received by deadlineDeadline has been extended for November 24th and 25th!!!

Pre-registration fees:

$5 per day for 53204 residents
$10 per day for non-53204 residents
OR $25 for all 3-days non-53204 residents

Registration will cover cost of admission, materials, and transportation. WPCA will provide; transportation, snacks, and materials.

Pay online or in person


CONTACT MAIKUE VANG ( or 414.672.2787 x12