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Witnessing the Revitalization of the Menomonee Valley
May 29 – July 11, 2015
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Opening Reception: 

Friday, May 29, 5–9 pm.
Panel Discussion – Menomonee Valley revitalization past, present and future:
Thursday, June 18, 6–8 pm.

Walker’s Point Center for the Arts is honored to present the photographic work of writer and photographer Eddee Daniel. The exhibition will feature photography and stories collected during his 2014 tenure as the Menomonee Valley Partners Artist in Residence.

Daniel is celebrated for his ability to capture images depicting harmony between the built infrastructure and natural ecology. The work during his residency documents both redevelopment of infrastructure as well as restoration of the natural habitat. His images also highlight the beauty of the parks, public spaces and the people who work, live and play in the valley.

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Panel discussion – Thursday, June 18, 6–9 pm.
Community partners, Milwaukee RiverkeeperMenomonee Valley PartnersUrban Ecology Center16th Street Community Health Center and Harbor District, will joining Eddee Daniel in the discussion on the topic of the Menomonee Valley revitalization – the history, ongoing development as well as future plans.

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Sunrise-3-Br-PkEddee Daniel has been a longtime advocate and documentarian of the harmonious existence of the natural ecolog and urban environment along the waterways of Milwaukee. He began documenting the wonders of the Menomonee River watershed in 1997, when the Milwaukee County Grounds, which runs alongside the watershed, was to be sold for retail development. Since then, he has continued to photograph and write about the watershed and environmental issues on his Urban Wilderness blog. He published a collection of his photography and essays in the 2008 book Urban Wilderness: Exploring a Metropolitan Watershed, which was awarded the Kodak American Greenways Award. He has published a total of 10 books to date. He is a frequent contributor to local publications, including Milwaukee Magazine and Journal Sentinel’s Art City.

Eddee Daniel had a long career in arts education, taught at Marquette High School and various local colleges for over three decades. He holds a master’s degree in art education from University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee. He is also a strong advocate of local art and writes a blog called Arts without Borders. Daniel currently serves as Artist in Residence at Lynden Sculpture Garden.

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Featured Member Exhibition: Gary John Gresl

April 17 – July 11, 2015


“Mom’s Saber Tooth (ins situ prodigialus)” from 2014 Annual Member Show

We are proud to announce our third Featured Member Exhibition series of 2014-2015 with celebrated Wisconsin artist, assemblager, writer and art champion Gary John Gresl.

Gary would tell you himself that he likes working in large, space or site specific installations. With that said, he has graciously accepted the chance to create smaller assemblages specific to our Featured Member Exhibition space. A selection from his photography series “Document Ephemera,” which documents his previous outdoor, temporary, site specific installations, will also be on display.

Artist Statement

BOTTLED QUICKSIVER #6, aprox. 12W x 18H x 6D

“Bottled Quicksilver #6″

Gary John Gresl, like so many other artists, traces his art interest back to childhood, though he did not began to seriously create and exhibit his works until the early 1980’s.  He quickly moved through painting in styles of geometric abstraction and abstract expressionism, soon finding these directions to be dead ends without personal satisfaction.  It was when he began to blend his interest in objects, specifically antiques, with his sculptural expression, that his assemblage work came to be his sole focus.

Gary likes to work large, including creating room sized site specific installations. The works here in WPCA include some small sized assemblages which he had created for specific venues, plus a couple mid sized works. There are also a few photographs of outdoor temporary site specific installations, these photos being part of a series he calls “Document Ephemera”.  This outdoor work deals with considerations of the longevity and endurance of art objects, and what popular art culture expects.

Click here to learn more about Gary John Gresl and about the Featured Member Exhibition series.

2015 exhibitions are supported in part by grants from the Greater Milwaukee Foundation Mary L. Nohl Fund, CDBG Milwaukee, Milwaukee County Arts Fund, and grants from the Milwaukee Arts Board and the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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