Marcela “Xela” Garcia, she/her/ella

Executive Director

Marcela “Xela” Garcia is a Xicana artist, innovator and cultural warrior, born in Guadalajara and raised in Milwaukee.

Marz Ezeji, they/them

Membership Development Specialist

Marz is a black queer creative serving through Public Allies Wisconsin. They are a Americorps Fellow with experience in social justice work, management, community outreach, youth development, leadership/mentoring, and developing programs to serve the community.

Oscar Quinto Zamudio Jr., he/him

Art Educator

Oscar works to help shape the minds of young children–in a way where they are able to push themselves independently, but also care for their community.

Brian Huynh

Digital Storyteller

Brian is a visual storyteller from Milwaukee who uses words and images to reveal the truth in everyday life. He started with his father’s old Coolpix and developed his writing skills through slam poetry. He interned at WPCA in high school and college, where he studied journalism at UW-Madison. 

Lucero Gallegos, they/them

Visuals Communications Specialist

Lucero is a Latine, queer, nonbinary graphic artist that utilizes design as a tool to engage, intergate and reflect the varied stories of folxs and their identities.

Gaby Duarte, she/they

ArtsECO Intern

I am driven by my love for art & education and values are deeply rooted in social justice and community involvement. Growing up in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, I witnessed firsthand the transformative power of art through community murals and after-school programs. I aspire to share this passion by gaining experience working with students and the Spanish-speaking community as I pursue my Art Education degree..

Daniel Flores, he/him/his

Summer 2023 Intern

As an inspired artist I would say that I make art as a way to show my thoughts In a creative manner, but more importantly to me, I create art as a way to make a lasting impression of myself on those who see my art.

Ethan Clairde-Hook, he/him

Summer 2023 Intern 

I’ve been making art my whole life, it’s something I pride myself on and display to others all the time.

Nelson Perez-Nolasco, he/him/his

Summer 2023 Intern 

The reason I make music/ art is because I have always admired other peoples art work such in painting as well as in lyric or the melody of a song.

River Garry, he/they

Summer 2023 Intern 

My art is just me put into whatever medium it is. It’s how I express my feelings, emotions, and identity. I make art because it’s kinda like a therapy for me, it helps me let out all of the tension I seem to have for some reason. Art to me is my home, my sanctuary, it’s me.

Ceci Tejeda, she/her/ella

Guest Artist, Summer Art Camp: Papel Mache
My name is Ceci Tejeda, I was born and raised in Mexico City. My parents are from Michoacán, Mexico, that is why I have Purepecha blood in my veins. I want to teach how our ancestors take care of communities by taking care of nature and giving offerings to their gods. I want youth to understand how important the cycle of life is, because if we take of nature nature takes care of us.

Abigail Engstrand, she/her

Guest Artist, Summer Art Camp: Textiles

Abigail is a professional artist who draws, paints and felts. “Felt” is not a typo, it’s a medium!

Antonio Vargas-Nieto, he/him/his

Guest Artist, Summer Art Camp: Poetry

Antonio is a Mexican born writer and emulsion enthusiast. He is a 2022-2023 Poetry Coalition Fellowship recipient and has been featured in Moody the Zine and Silver Operation. Antonio is BASED in Milwaukee, WI Writing is a powerful tool to find yourself, connect with others, vent, criticize, laugh and so much more! 

Cole Kirkendall, he/him/his

Guest Artist, Summer Art Camp: Stop Motion Animation

I always feel better after working on creative projects. In my classes, I will talk about fundamental concepts of stop motion animation, photography, and scale model fabrication.

Emmanuel Guerra, he/they

Guest Artist, Summer Art Camp: Printmaking @ Lynden Sculpture Garden
Emmanuel is a queer Latine artist and graduate student in the Peck School of the Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Their practice utilizes drawing, printmaking, and sculpture to explore their identity as third-generation Mexican American. 

Board Members

Lona Long Velasco, Chair

Michael Flanagan, Secretary

Brianna Hernández, Treasurer

Ben Juarez

Jordan Mendez

Kim Storage

KT Mullen

Adam White

Harvey Held

Rosana Lazcano

Melissa Soberalski

Colleen Campbell