Marcela “Xela” Garcia, she/her/ella

Executive Director

Marcela “Xela” Garcia is a Xicana artist, innovator and cultural warrior, born in Guadalajara and raised in Milwaukee.

Oscar Quinto Zamudio Jr., he/him

Art Educator

Oscar works to help shape the minds of young children–in a way where they are able to push themselves independently, but also care for their community.

Lucero Gallegos, they/them

Visuals Communications Specialist

Lucero is a Latine, queer, nonbinary graphic artist that utilizes design as a tool to engage, intergate and reflect the varied stories of folxs and their identities.

Andy Lira Landa, they/them

Community Arts Coordinator

Andy is a nonbinary indigenous femme graphic designer, photographer and educator. Their work centers Black, Indigenous women of color, community, environmental appreciation and immigrant identity. She was also a 2020-2021 WPCA Featured Member!

Marz Ezeji, they/them

Membership Development Specialist

Marz is a black queer creative serving through Public Allies Wisconsin. They are a Americorps Fellow with experience in social justice work, management, community outreach, youth development, leadership/mentoring, and developing programs to serve the community.

Board Members

Lona Long Velasco, Chair

Michael Flanagan, Secretary

Brianna Hernández, Treasurer

Ben Juarez

Jordan Mendez

Kim Storage

Katie Mullen

Adam White

Sandra Zapata

Harvey Held

Rosana Lazcano