Marcela “Xela” Garcia, she/her/ella

Executive Director

Marcela “Xela” Garcia is a Xicana artist, innovator and cultural warrior, born in Guadalajara and raised in Milwaukee.

Oscar Quinto Zamudio Jr., he/him

Art Educator

Oscar works to help shape the minds of young children–in a way where they are able to push themselves independently, but also care for their community.

Lucero Gallegos, they/them

Visuals Communications Specialist

Lucero is a Latine, queer, nonbinary graphic artist that utilizes design as a tool to engage, intergate and reflect the varied stories of folxs and their identities.

Marz Ezeji, they/them

Membership Development Specialist

Marz is a black queer creative serving through Public Allies Wisconsin. They are a Americorps Fellow with experience in social justice work, management, community outreach, youth development, leadership/mentoring, and developing programs to serve the community.

Daniel Flores, he/him/his

Summer 2023 Intern

As an inspired artist I would say that I make art as a way to show my thoughts In a creative manner, but more importantly to me, I create art as a way to make a lasting impression of myself on those who see my art.

Ethan Clairde-Hook, he/him

Summer 2023 Intern 

I’ve been making art my whole life, it’s something I pride myself on and display to others all the time.

Nelson Perez-Nolasco, he/him/his

Summer 2023 Intern 

The reason I make music/ art is because I have always admired other peoples art work such in painting as well as in lyric or the melody of a song.

River Garry, he/they

Summer 2023 Intern 

My art is just me put into whatever medium it is. It’s how I express my feelings, emotions, and identity. I make art because it’s kinda like a therapy for me, it helps me let out all of the tension I seem to have for some reason. Art to me is my home, my sanctuary, it’s me.

Ceci Tejeda, she/her/ella

Guest Artist, Summer Art Camp: Papel Mache
My name is Ceci Tejeda, I was born and raised in Mexico City. My parents are from Michoacán, Mexico, that is why I have Purepecha blood in my veins. I want to teach how our ancestors take care of communities by taking care of nature and giving offerings to their gods. I want youth to understand how important the cycle of life is, because if we take of nature nature takes care of us.

Antonio Vargas-Nieto, he/him/his

Guest Artist, Summer Art Camp: Poetry

Antonio is a Mexican born writer and emulsion enthusiast. He is a 2022-2023 Poetry Coalition Fellowship recipient and has been featured in Moody the Zine and Silver Operation. Antonio is BASED in Milwaukee, WI Writing is a powerful tool to find yourself, connect with others, vent, criticize, laugh and so much more! 

Cole Kirkendall, he/him/his

Guest Artist, Summer Art Camp: Stop Motion Animation

I always feel better after working on creative projects. In my classes, I will talk about fundamental concepts of stop motion animation, photography, and scale model fabrication.

Emmanuel Guerra, he/they

Guest Artist, Summer Art Camp: Printmaking @ Lynden Sculpture Garden
Emmanuel is a queer Latine artist and graduate student in the Peck School of the Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Their practice utilizes drawing, printmaking, and sculpture to explore their identity as third-generation Mexican American. 

Abigail Engstrand, she/her

Guest Artist, Summer Art Camp: Textiles

Abigail is a professional artist who draws, paints and felts. “Felt” is not a typo, it’s a medium!

Board Members

Lona Long Velasco, Chair

Michael Flanagan, Secretary

Brianna Hernández, Treasurer

Ben Juarez

Jordan Mendez

Kim Storage

KT Mullen

Adam White

Harvey Held

Rosana Lazcano

Melissa Soberalski

Colleen Campbell