Summer Art Camp with WPCA (ages 6–12)

Summer Art Camp provides eight weeks of extensive and creative art camps. Each week, we focus on a different theme or medium and explore various topics and disciplines like environmental, art history, community, storytelling, dance, print, photographer and much more. Student artwork from the first six weeks of Summer Art Camp is curated and displayed in our annual youth art exhibition that opens on summer Gallery Night in July.

2019 Summer Programming

Multimedia Week – AT CAPACITY-

June 18–21 (4 days) | 1:00–5:00 pm

Youth will explore multimedia genres using their imagination as the main tool–and no boundaries–to the create images, videos, and audio projects that bring together traditional and non-traditional mediums. Youth will learn the basics of photography, filmmaking, collaging, audio recording, and drawing, to name a few.

$40 – 53204 Residents | $80 – WPCA Family+ Members | $125 – Full Cost

Ceramics Week – AT CAPACITY-

June 25-28 (4 days) | 1:00–5:00 pm

Come be messy with a material that the Earth has provided to us: clay! Youth will explore this medium and create pinch pots, sculptures, and ceramic tiles. Guest artist Catherine Lottes will join us as we create a collaborative art piece that will be installed at WPCA. Youth will learn how clay has been historically used and its use today.

$40 – 53204 Residents | $80 – WPCA Family+ Members | $125 – Full Cost

Textile / Teen Digital Art Week 

July 2nd and 3rd (2 days) | 1:00–5:00 pm

Textile: Open to ages 6-12, students will explore the world of textiles through felting and textile design–exploring contemporary ideas and the historical contexts of fabrics, techniques, and patterns.

Intensive Teen Digital Art Camp: – AT CAPACITY-
Open to teens ages 13 – 18 that are interested in producing digital images. Teens will explore various digital software and create individual and collective projects.

$20 – 53204 Residents | $40 – WPCA Family+ Members | $90 – Full Cost

Printmaking Week – AT CAPACITY-

July 9-12 (4 days) | 1:00–5:00 pm

Youth will explore the art of printmaking and experience different techniques! Letterpress extraordinaire Mr. Adam Beadel from Team Nerd Letterpress will be leading live demonstrations as we visit him in his shop. We will look at the various ways to produce multiple images of one design and learn how printmakers around the world have used this medium for activism.

$40 – 53204 Residents | $80 – WPCA Family+ Members | $125 – Full Cost

Dance Week

July 16-19 (4 days) | 1:00–5:00 pm

Put on your dancing shoes! This week’s youth will learn dances from a professional guest dancer (TBA). They will create their own choreography and perform their creations during the opening of the Youth Art Show (July 19, Youth will be performing at 6 pm)

$40 – 53204 Residents | $80 – WPCA Family+ Members | $125 – Full Cost

Botany & Art Week

July 23-26 (4 days) | 1:00pm–5:00 pm

Youth will learn ways to incorporate plants and gardening into their art. They will explore botanical sciences and how art corresponds with how we think about the plants in our environment!

$40 – 53204 Residents | $80 – WPCA Family+ Members | $125 – Full Cost

Lynden Sculpture Garden Week


July 30-August 2 (4 days) | 9:00am–5:00 pm

Each morning we will travel (transportation provided) from WPCA to the Lynden Sculpture Garden. Here, a collection of more than 50 monumental sculptures and temporary installations are sited across 40 acres of park, pond, and woodland. We will spend the week exploring the relationships between collections, place, and personal identity with guest artist Rosemary Ollison. Giving “our creative imagination permission to be creative” (in the words of Ollison), we’ll combine natural and manmade items into a Movable Forest installation that will help us understand ourselves, each other, and the world around us.

About Rosemary Ollison

Rosemary Ollison is an interdisciplinary artist who moved to Wisconsin from a plantation in Arkansas at age 16. She began making art in 1994 while working at a school for disabled children. Her drawings, often done in series, are about being a Black woman in America. They also chronicle her own life story and growing confidence and awareness as she found her voice through art practice. Ollison has transformed her apartment into an art environment, using her handmade rugs, fiber works, drawings, duct tape sculptures, beaded works, jewelry, hog bone necklaces, and clothing to create a vibrant, joyous space of self-defined beauty. “My drawings are messages and information about myself,” observes Ollison. “My present works reflect only the joy, delight, fulfillment and pleasure I experience in living.” In 2018, Rosemary Ollison received a Greater Milwaukee Foundation Mary L. Nohl Fund artist fellowship.

$40 – 53204 Residents | $160 – WPCA Family+ Members | $250 – Full Cost

Storytelling Week

August 6-9 (4 days) | 1:00–5:00 pm

Our Futures through Folk Art: Youth will explore different cultures from around the world and learn how storytelling takes place. We will explore the genre of folk art, its roots, and how cultural and non-conventional ways of learning are used to create art today. Youth will create contemporary folk art to tell their own stories.

$40 – 53204 Residents | $80 – WPCA Family+ Members | $125 – Full Cost 

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2019 Registration

Oscar, Art Education Coordinator

Payment can also be made by cash or check.

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