Summer Art Camp Programs (ages 6–12)

Day3-8Ceramics Week – FULL

June 20–23 (4 days) | 1:00–5:00 pm

It’s magical to create something with purpose and intricate designs from mud, basically. This week we will learn the fundamentals of ceramics like slab, coiling, pinching, scoring, add/subtract. We will make vessels and self-portrait tiles.

$40 – 53204 Residents | $80 – WPCA Family+ Members | $125 – Full Cost

DSC_8510Alternative Photography Week- FULL

June 27–30 (4 days) | 1:00–5:00 pm

Going “old school” this week with alternative photo processes. We will build our own pinhole cameras with simple materials and learn how analog photo capturing works. We’ll also explore the beauty of cyanotype and learn about negative exposure.

$40 – 53204 Residents | $80 – WPCA Family+ Members | $125 – Full Cost

ES3-Carrot(10Poster Week 

July 5–7 (3 days) | 1:00–5:00 pm

Hey, let’s print posters with thoughtful words or to promote a party. We won’t need a computer or printer when we have creativity, a poster press, wood type and the know-hows of Adam Beadel from Team Nerd Letterpress. He will lead us in designing a poster, drawing and carving on linoleum blocks, setting type and printing! We’ll go around the neighborhood and post our posters with messages of love and community, and perhaps, invite everyone to a carrot cake party. (Image courtesy of Team Nerd Letterpress).

$30 – 53204 Residents | $60 – WPCA Family+ Members | $90 – Full Cost

DSC_8653Fiber Art Week

July 11–14 (4 days) | 1:00–5:00 pm

Entwined, interlaced and maybe even some tangles. We’ll explore the fun of repetitive AND accidental patterns and shapes in working and coloring fiber. We’ll get creative with Shibori dyeing and marbling. We’ll also learn backstrap weaving, a Mayan tradition where our body is a part of an intricate loom.

$40 – 53204 Residents | $80 – WPCA Family+ Members | $125 – Full Cost

10557454_10152626779849113_5875040492347885298_nLatin Dance Week

July 18–21 (4 days) | 1:00–5:00 pm

This week we travel in rhythm and movement. Karlies Kelley, dancer/choreographer extraordinaire, will lead us down the Caribbean Strait, across Central and South America to explore various Latin American dance styles, and hop across the ocean to West Africa to trace the Africa Diasporatic influence in Latin dance.

Students will perform on Friday, July 21, 6:00 pm, during the opening reception of the Youth Art Exhibition.

$40 – 53204 Residents | $80 – WPCA Family+ Members | $125 – Full Cost

Day3-1Meditative Drawing and Painting Week

July 25–28 (4 days) | 1:00–5:00 pm

We’re focused on the blank paper in front of us. We are aware of our breathing. Breathe in. Breathe out. Slowly. We begin drawing in a circular motion, a seemingly continuous line, from the center outward. We focus not on the precision of the lines but on the movement. Breathe in. Breathe out. Then we take this meditative focus onto painting mandalas. We’ll project our meditation and colorful reflections onto onto the universe as we create a world in harmony.

$40 – 53204 Residents | $80 – WPCA Family+ Members | $125 – Full Cost

DSC_0091Hula Hoopla Week

August 1–4 (4 days) | 1:00–5:00 pm

1. Learn about hula hoops.
2. Decorate a hula hoop to match personality.
3. Learn body awareness and cool tricks from hula hoop master Tazi Azar.
4. Create signature moves.
5. Practice, practice, practice.
Let’s go!

$40 – 53204 Residents | $80 – WPCA Family+ Members | $125 – Full Cost


Payment can also be made with CASH or CHECK. Partial scholarships and payment plans are available. Contact Maikue Vang for more info: or 414-509-6187.


LSG_limeField of View
at Lynden Sculpture Garden

August 7–11 (5 days) | 9:00–5:00 pm

Throughout the week we’ll explore connections between Lynden’s collection of monumental outdoor sculpture with the natural ecology of 40 acres of park, pond and woodland. Whether observing an ecosystem up close or hiking through Lynden’s fields, viewing plants through a microscope or raising butterflies in the pollinator garden, we will seek out new ways of seeing and translate our discoveries into watercolors, sculptures and weavings. Field of View is a proud partnership between WPCA and Lynden Sculpture Garden. Click here for LSG’s summer programming. 


Organic Forms: Beginning with a small tour of several sculptures inspired by natural forms, students will then collect natural objects from the garden, identify parts of plants and use observational drawing and clay to imagine new plant forms inspired by the objects they collected.

Compost Sculpture: After visiting Linda Wervey Vitamvas‘s temporary installation titled Feast, we will make a series of small pinch pots from locally dug clay, coffee ground clay, recycled paper pulp, and use them to create an installation that reflect the ephemeral nature of Feast.

Pond Specialty: Investigation of the ecosystem of Lynden’s ponds with Lynden’s naturalist educator Naomi Cobb.  In the studio, we’ll make “Eco-Flask” mini aquariums from samples collected in the pond.

Micro Forms: With magnification tools, we will peer into the vast world of microorganisms, the tiny structures that support life. We will zoom into this micro level to observe and record extraordinary patterns. We will then make large scale watercolor paintings inspired by those microstructures, in the effect of Emilie Clark’s Home Studies in Nature.

Monarch Observation Journals:  Students will closely observe and record the metamorphosis of the monarch butterfly through daily journaling activities.

Daily Schedule: 

9:00 – Check-in at WPCA
9:10 – Bus departs from WPCA
9:30 – Arrive at Lynden Sculpture Garden
10:00 –  Activity period I
12:00 –  Lunch
12:35 –  Recess – play games, read, etc.
1:00 – Activity period II
2:30 – Snack break
3:00 – Resume Activity Period II
3:30 – Closing Circle/Board bus
4:00 – Depart from Lynden
4:45 – Pick up and sign out at WPCA


$40 – 53204 Residents
$160 – WPCA Family+ Members*
$250 – Full Cost
*WPCA Family membership is only $60. Click here for more info.

image courtesy of Lynden Sculpture Garden

Summer Art Camp provides eight weeks of extensive and creative art camps. Each week, we focus on a different theme or medium, and explore various topics and disciplines like environmental, art history, community, storytelling, dance, print, photographer and much more. Student artwork from the first six weeks of Summer Art Camp are curated and displayed in our annual youth art exhibition that opens on summer Gallery Night in July.


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