Community Frames: Queer Lens
Moving Image Exhibition
June 8-July 6, 2024

Community Discussion on June 15 @ 5pm-7pm 
Led by Elle Halo

Adam White Ossers | Marz Ezeji | Miguel Angel Caballero | Nateya Taylor | Nati Rodriguez | Pamela Westphal | Sophie Hatton


single channel video
5 minutes

Adam White Ossers (he/him) I am conceptual artist. Since 2015, I’ve focused on making and exhibiting works inspired by my transition from female to male. ‘Bruce Dreams’ is an accumulation of four of my multimedia series titled: sundays are sundays, sundays are still sundays, confronting mondays, and goodnight bruce. I combined footage from these series with a screen recording of my virtual birthday party that I hosted in Google Meets on January 11th, 2021. Part I was edited 2022. Part II was edited in 2024.


short film
15:44 min

Miguel Angel Caballero (he/him) Son of Mexican immigrant farm workers, Miguel Angel Caballero grew up both in the U.S. and in Mexico traveling back and forth each year and attending school in both countries. He received his bachelor’s degree in Theater from UCLA.
Produced, Written, Directed by: Miguel Angel Caballero
Executive Producer: Luis Aldana Cast: Sal Lopez, Luis Aldana, Matias Ponce


Drybone Studios
2-d platform interactive game

Marz Ezeji (they/them) Marz is a black queer creative currently pursuing AA in Animation. This is the first collaborative of a 2-d platform video game. Marz did all of the animations for the NPC & the object art within the game. They have experience in social justice work, management, community outreach, youth development, leadership/mentoring, and developing programs to serve the community.






The Good Land, 2024

Digital Film
5 minutes

Nateya Taylor (she/they) Injustice and resilience in Black geographies are synchronous. I witnessed this synchronicity growing up as a Black woman in a segregated city: Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Through this experience, I recognized how residential segregation is an injustice that negatively impacts the quality of life and well-being of Black residents, and Black residents are resilient while experiencing this injustice.




3:26 minutes


Nati Rodriguez (they/them) I come from a line of creators, advocates, embracers, and leaders. Being raised to love and cherish my community, my portfolio reflects the different parts of my identity, desires, and goals that are woven into my community. I use mediums such as photography and film as a way to express my emotions, observations, and ideas for the audience to embrace a diverse, absurd and inconsistent feeling that I constantly face. I aim to lead the audience to question, How do you view your own community?

This Honorable Body, 2021

6:55 minutes

Pamela Westphal (she/her) is a documentary filmmaker that has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She specializes in documentary and non-fiction work, with an emphasis in post-production editing. She has been involved in many stages of the filmmaking process, from conception, filming, and editing, and believes in building a team of people to accomplish any project. She has also worked with several non-profits to accomplish telling their unique stories.



I could’ve been smart but I tried to be happy, 2024

Digital video 0:38 NFS

Red 40, 2024

Digital video 0:44 NFS

(kidney) Beans

Digital Video 2:28 NFS

Sophie Hatton (she/her) I am a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Milwaukee. I specialize in film, to explore identity, find personal truth, and investigate the ways in which perception is warped. In my work I strive to celebrate the absurd, and the campiness throughout the world and within the depths of the human psyche. I aim to combine experimentation with personal narratives, creating work that reflects life in the midwest. Having failed at various degrees of conformity, I create art with the objective of deconstructing my identity, and embracing the parts of myself I once repressed. I am inspired by my community of fellow youth artists throughout Milwaukee, and want to celebrate Milwaukee’s queer, self-reliant legacy of art


Community Frames: Queer Lens w/Elle Halo



Pridefest Compilation
Digital Video
1:31:41 mins

Janice Toy, house mother and outreach director

Nateya Taylor, creative director
Dr. Brice D. Smith, project director
Video production and editing by Seadog Creative
House of History is a program of Diverse & Resilient. Funding was awarded by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities.