June 11, 2024

Featured Member Exhibition: Jovanny Hernandez Caballero
VE’E, Immersive Experience
June 22nd 2pm-6pm

Milwaukee, WI — Walker’s Point Center of the Arts is pleased to announce Jovanny Hernandez Caballero’s Featured Member Exhibition: VE’E (the Mixtec word for home) which is a recently completed 7 year project where he documented his journey visiting Oaxaca, Mexico — the birthplace of his parents. Harnessing the power of analog photography, Jovanny unveils a vivid archive of his indigenous community. He employs a transformative approach of reverse anthropology, meticulously reconstructing a history that has been tragically overlooked, lost in the annals of time and erased from collective memory.

Jovanny, a distinguished photographer and community artist based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, invites you to embark on a journey through cultural heritage and identity. As a first-generation American and descendant of the Mixtecs, an indigenous group from Oaxaca, Jovanny’s work is a testament to his roots and the vibrant communities that have shaped him. His work centers around the themes of cultural heritage and identity. Jovanny completed his BFA in Photography at the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee. Through his photography, Jovanny documents the beauty of Wisconsin’s Latino and Native American community, along with his family’s native land of Oaxaca. He seeks to showcase the richness and diversity of his community, celebrating its people, culture and traditions. Jovanny’s work has been recognized and showcased in various venues, including “Creating Milwaukee,” a mini-documentary series produced by Nō Studios that highlights Milwaukee creatives across various disciplines.

We invite you to experience “Ve’e” firsthand. The installation will feature photographs and artifacts collected by Jovanny in Oaxaca, alongside artisan Oaxacan textiles by Juana Zuñiga Hernandez and Clemente Caballero García. From landscapes where his ancestors once hunted, to the village where his parents grew up, to personal items like stone arrowheads found on his father’s land and his mother’s rebozo (shawl) passed down for generations, each piece tells a story. The exhibition follows the practice of institutional museum curation, but with a fresh perspective. It offers a glimpse into Jovanny’s world, a world he has only been able to see for a few seconds each year. Join us for this immersive experience and witness the power of heritage and identity through Jovanny’s eyes.

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