WPCA is happy to announce that Brain Huynh has joined the WPCA team and is now serving as our Digital Storyteller.

Check out his first post HERE.

About Brian:

Brian is a visual storyteller from Milwaukee, WI. Guided by his passion for capturing the truth in its many forms, he mixes words and images to document the seemingly mundane and life as he experiences it.
His storytelling journey began with his father’s old Coolpix and evolved when he discovered his love for writing as a teenager. Through a (cringey) slam poetry phase, he was able to pinpoint what it was that drove him to the arts – the ability to connect with and even help others.

This is what led him to intern at Walker’s Point Center for the Arts in high school and again as an undergraduate studying journalism at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Since graduating, he has continued telling stories as a freelance photographer.

No matter how much time passes, his experience at WPCA sticks with him as a reminder that art can make a difference in both our lives and our communities. For this reason and many more, he is excited to finally return to help tell its story.