Featured Member, Denise Schanz

January 17th – March 27th, 2019

Opening Reception: January 17th, 5pm – 9pm

Each year, during our Annual Members Show, a juror selects four exhibiting artists with outstanding work and awards them each a small-scale solo exhibition in our Featured Member Exhibition gallery. The series aims to give more local artists the opportunity to showcase their work and to have it be seen by more audience.

This year, WPCA is proud to showcase the work of local artist, Denise Schanz.

Artist’s statements

My selected body of work spans 13 years to present. POME: 3genHerations. The work as representation, narrative, platform, to in/form, generate, and continue dialogue, raising awareness. Deep listening. Acknowledging, honoring, witnessing. Holding space for the sacred, the indigenous, the voiceless.

My hope is that the viewer holds space, observes, takes pause; for oneself, for humanity and deepens listening, kindness and patience. Be a guardian to/ for the voiceless. Be it for oneself and others.

The work chosen is site-specific. “motHer EARth” hears the call from afar. “warriHer”, “protectHer” and “speakHer” stand poised and ready. “Pu Honu Pua’a”, inspired by the recent events on Mauna Kea, Hawaii. I am a carver, foremost an interpreter, a conduit of life. My work transforms, transcends space. My work is my voice. The chosen 2-D pieces are borrowed and mounted with recycled, reclaimed and up-cycled materials. The images play an important role, a narrative of what evokes me, propelles me, impacts me to my core. I am paying homage to these figures. I am 3rdgenHeratuon, POME: Protector of motHer EARth.

The last three pieces evoke meditative prayer and contemplation within my work, myself. It is a state of mind. I am paying tribute (“altHers”) to my every breath, deepening my listening, my alignment, my awareness. When we become stewards of our own mindful, right actions, we become protectors, educators and thus, cultivating grounds for growth, both inner and outer, oneself, local, global, universal.



View Denise’s work beginning January 17th at WPCA.