11th Annual Youth Art Show: Caring For Each Other | Cuidandonos
July 21- August 11, 2023

OPENING RECEPTION July 21, 2023 | 5pm-7pm

 This annual exhibition centers art produced and made by youth artists during WPCA’s 2023 Summer Art Camp, featuring projects in poetry, performance art, printmaking, comic books, paper mache, typography, textiles and multimedia.

Artists include summer art camp youth ages 6-18 years of age in collaboration with guest artists Marz Ezeji, Ceci Tejeda, Lucero Gallegos, Antonio Vargas-Nieto, Cole Kirkendall, Emmanuel Guerra, and Abigail Engstrand. 

    Our teens also collaborated on a Public Art Project with artist Andy Lira Landa. Our teens worked on creating three designs for a mosaic project to help mitigate traffic on Mitchell Street. This collaboration is with Muskego Way Neighborhood Association and Imagine MKE.

    Youth Artist include: Ada S. – Alex G. – Alexander S. – América C. – Analía M. – Anavrin L. – Asha S. – Atum Ra F. – Axel Q. – Brisa H. – Brooklyn R. – Cash W. – CeCe L. – Cecilia “CC” B. – Chris L. – Daniel F. – Delerick Mc. – Elian C. – Emily – Zoe S. – Erick T – Ethan – Evelyn W. – Georgia R. – Hernan M. – Izel K. – Jacob Lazaro A. – Jadille C. – Jer Niah W. – Lizette T. – Logan Mc. – Lucia K. – Luis E. – Marco L. – Mariana M. – Mía F. – Mia R. – Micheal N. – Miracle M. – Nadia B. – Natalie L. – Nati R. – Nehli C. – Nelson P. – River – Sadie W. – Sid S. – Sofia A. – Sophia W. – Tau P. – Taylor S. – Valeria A. – Yamileth A. – Zahira C. – Zayan M.

    We also feature the 3 winners of the Wisconsin Association of Bilingual Education’s Annual Art & Writing Contest

    • Grade 3-5 Art Contest winner: América Catalán Mendoza, Hawthorne Elementary, Waukesha School District 

    • Grades 6-8 Art contest winner: Zayan Montañez, La Causa Charter School, Milwaukee Public Schools
    • Grades 9-12 Art Contest winner: Jer Niah Wright, Milwaukee School of Languages, Milwaukee Public Schools  



     Week 1: June 20-23 | 20-23 de junio
    Lead by Marz Ejezi & Oscar Quinto Zamudio. Youth dove deep into the comic book world to explore the expansive and exciting world of comic stories, cartooning and drawing styles.


    Week 2: June 27-30) |27-30 de junio
    Lead by Ceci Tejeda, youth created elaborate sculptures while learning cartoneria and papel mache techniques that bring to life collaborative creations. 


    Week 3: July 5-7 | 5-7 de julio
    Lead by Lucero Gallegos students explored the expansive world of fonts to utilize patterns and shapes to create, arrange, process and design unique types.


    Week 4: July 11-14) | 11-14 de julio
    Lead by Antonio Vargas-Nieto, students explored the various ways that words and rhythms collide to tell stories.


    Week 5: July 18-21) |18-21 de julio
    Lead by Oscar Quinto Zamudio, Youth created a community of moving bodies and dance to music that reflects all of our cultures. 


    Week 6: July 25-28 | 25-28 de julio
    Lead by Cole Kirkendall youth created their own short stories through the use of stop-motion animation. 


     Week 7: August 1-4 | 1-4 de agosto
    Lead by Emmanuel Guerra & Julio Pabon, this week was engaged all-senses in outdoor experiences.


     Week 8: August 8-11 | 8-11 de agosto
    Lead by Abigail Engstrad, youth explored the endless creative options of mixed media textile techniques. Youth will learn techniques in felting, sewing, weaving, and dyeing with natural and synthetic dyes.


    Lead by Melissa Mursch-Rodriguez, our Summer Art Interns answered the question “my art is…” via zines.